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How To Plan Your Wedding


Planning your dream wedding can be both overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

Wedding planning involves a lot of choices, from the reception menu to the honeymoon

destination. It may be hard to know where to start with all the decisions and to-do lists

involved. Here are a few first steps you can take when you start planning your wedding:


 1. Talk about wedding ideas with your fiancé.


Think about the wedding style you like, whether it’s formal or more casual, as well as

ceremony and reception locations. Create a list of priorities. Write down what’s important

to both of you; it could be the food, music, wedding program, location, photography, honeymoon,

and so on. When you figure out the most important aspects of your wedding, you will be able

to compromise on things that are not as important, and splurge a little more on the things that

matter most to you as a couple.

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2. Choose a few potential wedding dates.


According to The Knot website, the most popular months to get married are June, August,

September and October. Whatever month you choose to do your wedding, keep in mind the

weather and any major holidays that may take place in that month. If you want to be considerate

of your guests, stay away from major holidays, such as Thanksgiving or Labor Day. Also, keep in

mind that if you book your wedding close to Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, the flower prices

will be higher than usual.

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3. Book your venue early.


Book your venue as soon as possible to ensure the day you want is available. Decide if you want

a separate venue for the ceremony and reception or all at one place. Visit each venue and ask what

services they offer, additional services you can purchase from them, and if there are any restrictions

and rules regarding outside vendors. Finally, each venue has a different guest capacity, so make

sure the venue you choose can comfortably fit all of your guests.



4. Start a guest list.


This will help you determine how many guests to expect at your wedding, as well as how big of a venue

you will need. Decide if you want to have a lot of guests or a more intimate wedding. You can choose to

invite all your friends and acquaintances or only those with who you’ve been in regular contact with.

A question you will probably face is whether or not to allow guests to bring a wedding date. If your guest

is engaged, their fiancé should be included on the list. In all other cases, you can set a rule to only let those

who are in a serious relationship bring their significant other. Another choice you will have to make is whether

or not to allow kids at the wedding. If kids are invited, consider the seating arrangements and whether or not

you can include a separate kids table.

5. Set the budget.


Look at your financial situation and determine how much you need to save each month. Talk to each of your

parents and ask if they would like to help out financially or what specific things they would like to pay for. Include

a 10% threshold for any unexpected costs. Try this Wedding Budget Checklist or check out these apps to help

you determine and track your budget for the big day: Wedding Planner by WeddingWire, Mint: Personal Finance & Money, or Goodbudget Budget Planner.


6. Start gathering wedding ideas.


Before you choose your vendors, it’s helps to brainstorm creative ideas that reflect your wedding style. A few places

where you can find wedding inspiration is in wedding magazines, such as BRIDES or Martha Stewart Wedding,

online websites, such as Style Me Pretty or The Knot, and Apps, such as Pinterest or Wedding Planner by The Knot.

Happy wedding planning to you!


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